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regulated by the financial services authority for the mediation of motor trade insurance services
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MOT Test centres
Service Garages
Car Dealerships
Accident repair centres
Tyre & Exhaust centres
Pertrol Filling stations
Windscreen repair services
Commercial Vehicle dealers
Motorcycle dealers
Car Restoration centres

and all premises connected wirh the motor trade

Through our network of motor trade insurance brokers, UK Commercial Ltd offer expert knowledge and motor trade insurance schemes to the motor trade industry.
Cover is available at very competitive rates for all UK based garages including Repair and Servicing Garages, MOT Testing Stations, Body Shops and Vehicle Sales (including franchised dealers).

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Low rates for Motor Traders and Garage owners in the UK.
Free specialist advice from our team of staff that understand your industry.
Enhanced Cover due to specialist scheme facilities.
Options to reduce premiums further.

Sole Traders - Road Risks cover only please comple the following application
Road Risks only and Bona Fide motor traders working from home

Just complete our simple motor trade insurance enquiry form and a specialist motor trade insurance expert will contact you immediately during normal working hours either directly by phone or if you prefer email

About Motor Trader Insurance cover in the UK
Insurance cover for some of or the complete range of risks associated with motor traders, car dealers, garages repairers and all others whose main line of business is the handling, in some way or another, of motor vehicles.

To begin with, proposals received either from a firm engaged in the motor trade or from an individual whose work is in some way connected with that trade, tend to be given more attention by insurers than, say, a straightforward proposal in respect of a private car and are therefore not so easy to underwrite online.

Motor trade risks will undoubtedly remain one area of the motor vehicle insurance business which requires individual underwriting and treatment.
For example, some insurers will not issue a private car policy to a person engaged in the motor trade fearing, among other things, that the 'driving other cars' extension to the policy might be used by the proposer whilst he is in fact test-driving a new vehicle or a customer's vehicle which he has just serviced.
Added to this the motor trade has, in the past, thrown up numerous instances of questionable 'moral hazard' which have put insurers very much on their guard.

In motor trader insurances, a tremendous 'interplay' with other types of insurance - fire, theft, public liability, and so on - which really does put the motor trader into a class of its own in the eyes of insurers and consequently many schemes and packages exist to suit varying types of motor trader.

At we pass your details to specialist who will find you the best cover and schemee available for your particular needs.


This service is provided by UK Commercial Ltd.
UK Commercial is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority to provide motor trade insurance to authorised third parties.
UK Commercial's FSA number is 315289.

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